Wednesday, April 18, 2007

food friends and fortunes

Jeannette Langmead Fortune Illustration

This invite is totally real. If you know where I live come over. And bring food. But mostly Im just making a comment on how isolating it is being an internet nerd. I almost stuck my phone number on there because I knew there was no risk in someone calling me. That would be too social.

Anyway, Ive been collecting fortunes all week and after I scanned this incredible work of art that took me all night I opened up another cookie that said, "Good friends make good food even better."

Now I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

(Apparently I selected the word Fortune this week on IF. This is just one more thing on the long list of strange stuff that has happened to me lately. Now usually I am too drunk to remember submitting words, but since I hadnt drank in over a week (a short lived sobriety stunt) I know I didnt submit any words to IF, much less Fortune. So while hundreds of people draw cheesy scenes of pot-o-golds this week don't thank me. Thank the increasingly weird direction my life is heading in.)

IF: Fortune
IFN: The Blogosphere.