Monday, January 15, 2007

It's certain that she's tied to her bed

2007-01-13 Illustration Friday -- Eighties -- Painted

She's got Alzheimer's Disease. A buddy of mine tells me that the REASON patients with advanced Alzheimer's are tied to beds is cos there's a very real danger of them falling out of bed and snapping their limbs.

It's just... so... unsexy.

I mean, I'm used to using proper rope, for one. And that knot around her wrist is inept! What if she remembers her safeword? How the hell are they gonna stop play in a hurry?

Okay. I'm just being down and dirty for the heck of it. I actually have a marginal amount of sympathy and even empathy for this old bat. My gran had Alzheimer's. And she was NOT pleasant to be around.

Check out the more compassionate writeup I've given this on my own blog.

God forbid someone ties me to a bed when I'm in my 80s.

Blue skies

PS: This pic was painted from a reference pic licensed under a Creative Commons 'Attribution' license. It's titled 'Christian Nursing Home', by sheilaz413.