Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best of IFN: a chronological retrospective, Part 1

This is a very personal 'Best of', based on the images that for some reason or another took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on them.

You're sitting on a perfectly functional prism there, darling, by Smilla Miu

It was not an apple, by JVS

The bovine kettle, by Ellis Nadler

A tide of embarrassment overcame me, by Neil Ornstein

Wincing the night away, by Stephen Cuffe

I'm lovin' it, by Ivanka

Grüße, Fleischmaschinen, by Neil Ornstein

Are We There Yet?, by Switchsky

All are imperfect, by Rrramone

Cocksniff, Tennessee, by Ellis Nadler

Romance is dead, long live romance!, Ivanka

Bullshit Rocket, by Corenominal

ÑAM! ÑAM! ÑAM!, by Gustavo Eandi

Love can hurt, by Pati

Self-portrait with gun, by Jeannette

June 1975, by Lauren Simkin Berke (IFN: Honour your father and mother/They fuck you up, your Mum and Dad)

Father and Son by Ellis Nadler (Watercolour 18cm x 12cm.)

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, by Cowboydog

Everything you always..., by Anja

Arboreophilia, by Ellis Nadler

Uhmmm, by Suana

The search for a mate continues: a flawed attempt at a personal ad, by Neil Ornstein

True story, by Jeannette

Monkey See, Monkey Do, by Perriette

99% is shit (aka blogorrhea), by Ellis Nadler

IFN: The crux.

x, by Ivanka

Please, Daddy, by Jeannette

A book I'll always remember, by Ellis Nadler

A book I'll always remember, by Lauren Simkin Berke

Feed me, by D
IFN: Holes and other superficialities

The light is green, damn it! by Switchsky

What are you afraid of? Of being, by Rrramone

What are you afraid of? Myself, by Cowboydog

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog

What are you afraid of? Rejection!, by Jeannette

M1, by Michelle

Suffragette, by Cate Anevski

IFN: pop song

Public Image Ltd, by Cowboydog

a pig in a cage on antibiotics, by Comeonyoupainter

In the corner. Again. By Rrramone

Another coffee wage slave moment, by Patrick

You suck, by D

The realization, by Dan


All work. No play. By Cowboydog

Dead; with subtitles, by Switchsky

twist-ed, by Merryminnow

Visitors, by Apelspendapel

In the club, by Jeannette

Before the internet, by Cowboydog

IFN: before the internet

Before the internet, by ShannonJYL

All you need is love (of meat) by Nakedpeopleshouldnotsay"dude"

Do not, by Rrramone

Don't touch, by Mim