Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2007-08-15 Illustration Friday Night -- All You Need is Meat

I'm a bit late on this week's submission to Illustration Friday Night. But hey. Thursday isn't quite Friday, is it?

The topic this week is 'All You Need is Meat'.

Having grown up with a mom who was a cat fanatic, I can testify to the power of fleas. They can make a boy leap over billiard tables, I tell you.

Powerful little muthasuckas, they are.

So who's to say they can't command a waiter to bring them a nice fresh, hot, dog?

This piece is absolutely going to go on various Zazzle items. Take a look at my Zazzle store to see if it's on an item YOU want. If it's not, lemme know what item you want, and I'll make it SPECIALLLLLLY for you. You say jump, I jump.