Saturday, July 7, 2007

From small acts of rebellion, sometimes great movements are born. This is undoubtedly the story of Illustration Friday Night, which last week acquired its 100th talented contributor and is well on its way to achieving 1000 posts.

My initial plan was to offer this lucky individual the opportunity of having me come round to their pad for the weekend and be their sex-slave, but as I'm unsure who the 100th IFNer actually is (three or four new deviants signed up all at once last week) may I suggest an orgy?

You also might like to know that we now get about 500 hits a day, which yes I know ain't worth much in monetary terms, but don't forget that the eyeballs checking us out are the coolest eyeballs on the net. Fact.

What distinguishes us from our Big Sister site (God Bless Her), apart from the obvious (i.e. we rock ALWAY, she rocks sporadically) is that artists don't just use the site as a me-me-me way of getting more people to visit their own Ego-Shrines. They actually make art (on the whole) for the site/topic itself and sometimes even hang around after posting, grab a coffee and chat to each other like real human beings.

Illustration Friday Night has become a phenomenon, and long may we reign.

Thanks to The-Genius-That-Is-Jeannette who initially brainstormed and named the site for me, as well as doing the banner. Thanks also to wonderful Switchsky who has used her blog-hiatus in a switchsky-selfless way (she's particulary adept at this virtue) by tagging all 650-odd posts currently on display.

Now stop reading this (b)logorrhea and go fricken draw something.



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