Friday, March 2, 2007

Say it loud and say it proud: "No. No. No."

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for this week's theme.

Parrman -whom I like to think of as one of Larry Clark's skateboard-horny 'Kids', only older (34) and possibly even wiser- delivered up a whole bunch of inspirational topics along the lines of Don Delillo meets Tod Browning:

"Marsh-mellow brain, Loco-Grande Pinga, Fortune telling and Palm crushing, Herbal remedies for sale, NO NO NO, Backyard wrestler for hire, please no fishing in pond, Members Only, Locals Only, only accept ca$h no substitutes..."

I quite liked the capitalized negativity shouting out from midst the Americana madness. Funny that. Not as in LOL, but TOT (titter and tremble).

Steve x

IFN:No, no, no.