Tuesday, January 16, 2007

IFN: 'It is certain because it is impossible.'

Another of my pet hates is the kind of stuff that used to be done by airbrush artists and has now been resurrected by 'photoshop' and 'painter' people- nude women with big tits and snakes. I know there is a danger here of some level of hypocrisy since this is my second post with naked women (this time with snakes), but my problem is with neither the nudity nor the livestock. How can anyone with the degree of talent that it takes to paint these things be so completely bereft of imagination? And then there is the hours of work involved to produce something that looks precisely like every other painting of a bird with huge knockers and a reptile. So this is my vision of a waiting room in a model agency. They are all looking for work from fantasy artists except the wee girl on the end who is there by mistake- she is looking for artists from Illustration Friday.